6 Tips to Avoid Early Childhood Cavities

Early childhood cavities are defined as cavities or decayed tooth surfaces that occur in a child under the age of 6. But there’s good news: cavities are nearly 100% preventable. You can help prevent cavities in your family by employing some of our favorite oral-health tips! 

1 – Avoid Sugary Liquids

Image of sugary liquids that children have to avoid to prevent early cavities

Baby bottles give toddlers great comfort, but misusing them can cause tooth decay and other oral problems. To avoid cavities, never put juice or sugary liquids in their baby bottle. If your child is accustomed to sugary liquids in their bottle, try diluting the drink with water, and gradually increase the amount of water until they are only drinking water.  

2 – Establish a Dental Home

Pediatric dental offices like ours seek to foster a fun and inviting environment that is specifically designed for children. Pediatric dentists have had 2-3 years of special training to care for young children and adolescents. Choose a pediatric dental home for your child before their first birthday to establish a consistent oral care routine, and prevent cavities. 

3 – Say ‘No’ to the Bedtime Bottle

Say ‘No’ to the Bedtime Bottle to Avoid Early Childhood Cavities

While a bedtime bottle may comfort your infant, it can be very destructive for their gums and developing teeth. When left in your children’s mouth, sugar from breast milk, formula and milk can lead to infection and pain. Try to establish a bedtime routine that doesn’t involve a baby bottle. If your child must have a bottle to go to sleep, then send them to bed with a bottle full of water. 

4 – Begin a Good Cleaning Routine Early

Just because your infant doesn’t have teeth doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean their mouth! You can clean your infant’s gums with a clean, damp cloth by gently rubbing away residual food. By doing this, you are actually improving the health of the baby teeth that will soon erupt, and familiarizing them with oral care early in their life. 

5 – Brush and Floss Together

To Avoid Early Childhood Cavities Brush and Floss Teeth with Them

A great way to get your children to brush and floss is by brushing with them! It’s a fun way for you to guide them into a healthy brushing routine, and it also gives you the chance to monitor their progress and brush time. Additionally, it helps everyone involved become more accountable for their mouth care! 

6 – Build a Mouth Healthy Diet

It can be easy to improve your child’s diet, and help them get a healthier mouth. Try building a diet for your children that includes a lot fruits and vegetables, which are high in fiber and clean teeth as they are eaten. Also, find good sources of calcium like milk to help improve your child’s enamel, which is the first line of defense against cavities.  

Pediatric Dentists Understand Children’s Teeth

Tooth decay is painful and can affect the overall health of developing mouths, which is why early treatment is the best way to handle cavities. Routine checkups every six months are the best way to stay on top of your child’s oral health. Visit our office today to begin a treatment plan that helps your child prevent cavities as they grow up.