Here’s Why Braces are Super Appliances for Healthy Smiles

Some people think that braces are only good for straightening teeth, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Braces are incredibly versatile tools that can ease a number of oral health ailments, and encourage people to share their smile. 

Braces Can: 

Straighten Crowded Teeth 

Crowded teeth can be a major point of anxiety for numerous people, and that’s completely normal. Unfortunately, crowded teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss can occur. 

Braces can help straighten teeth and improve their outward appearance. Additionally, straighter teeth are easier to clean, which helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Braces can help boost self-confidence by straightening teeth, and encouraging people to smile more. 

Correct Jaw Positioning 

A misaligned jaw can make it difficult to eat, sleep and speak, and cause discomfort and pain. This can cause chronic jaw pain, and even lead to an overbite or underbite. Luckily, there are multiple orthodontic options and bracers available that can remedy a misaligned jaw. Treatments include orthodontic work, cosmetic dentistry, and surgery, depending upon the severity of the jaw misalignment. 

Improve Bite Alignment 

A misaligned bite is called a malocclusion, and it can be the result of numerous causes. Misaligned bone structure, a small mouth, poor muscular habits like thumb-sucking or tongue thrusting can all complicate bite alignment. Poor bite alignment can abnormally wear down tooth enamel, make it difficult to chew or speak, and lead to chronic jaw pain. 

When is the Right Time for Braces? 

Ideally, children will get braces after their adult teeth have erupted, between the ages of 11 and 14. However, braces may be prescribed for adults of all ages, and are more discreetly designed than ever. Having braces as an adult, can typically take longer to yield results since the bones in the face are no longer growing and developing.  If you think your child needs braces, please give us a call for a consultation. 

Visit Our Office 

It’s impossible to know if your child needs braces without a dental checkup. Your pediatric dentist will be able analyze their bite pattern, jaw positioning, and tooth alignment to determine the need for braces or another appliance.  

Call our office to schedule an oral checkup for your child, and we’ll discuss your child’s oral health, and identify where you can help improve their oral health.