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How Orthodontics Boosts Children’s Self-Esteem (A True Story!)

Patient looking at smile with text, "Orthodontics is an investment that'll pay dividends throughout your child's life."

There are plenty of reasons why your child will benefit from orthodontics.

Many parents tend to focus on the dental aspect, such as preventing cavities and aligning the bite.

But another prominent reason is self-esteem.

Giving your child a smile they feel confident wearing from an early age will significantly impact their life.

Need proof?

Just look at all the people who’ve gotten orthodontics in adulthood because of how their smile’s appearance still affects their life.

This is why we’re excited to introduce you to our longtime patient, Mason.

Why Mason needed orthodontics

Mason started seeing Dr. Steve at Dentistry Just for Kids around 2 years old.

Years later, Dr. Steve referred her to TK Orthodontics because she wanted a better-looking smile.

"With my teeth, they were really crooked, and I had a weird bite. And they just didn't look right. I just wanted a better smile." - Mason, Patient of TK Orthodontics

Mason recalled her teeth’s physical characteristics as crooked, not looking right, and having a weird bite.

But her mother, Ashley, saw the psychological effects of Mason’s smile:

“I knew Mason’s teeth bothered her, and she felt very self-conscious about her smile.”

No parent wants their child to feel self-conscious, especially not about physical appearances.

And while there are many phases your child outgrows, there is one characteristic that sticks with them for the rest of their life:

Their smile!

That’s why Ashley knew orthodontics was in Mason’s best interest.

Hear about their experience in this short video.

How did Mason’s treatment go?

During the initial consultation, Dr. Theodore J. Kula noted Mason’s smile had crowding, a deep bite, and a tongue thrust habit.

But because she was too young for braces, she entered our Smile Squad.

Our Smile Squad provides complimentary orthodontic exams to children ages seven and up. It allows Dr. Kula to monitor your child’s development until they’re ready to start treatment.

Once Mason was old enough, she started orthodontic treatment with braces.

She wore elastics with her braces throughout her treatment to achieve an ideal bite.

It took a total of 24 months to complete treatment, which is average for braces.

Here’s what Mason had to say afterward:

“When I got my braces off, I was so excited and happy because I was finally relieved to get them off. And I just smile all the time now.”

Check out her visible results below!

Before and after photos of Mason, a braces patient at TK Orthodontics

How orthodontics improves your child’s self-esteem

While we like to think children are too young and innocent to self-criticize their physical appearance, we’re unfortunately mistaken.

It’s very common for children, tweens, and teenagers to feel self-conscious about their imperfect smiles.

Repercussions include:

  • Smiling with their lips closed.
  • Covering their mouth when laughing.
  • Being less willing to speak up in class, make new friends, etc.
  • Appearing unfriendly or unwelcoming.
  • Getting bullied and made fun of.

Can you imagine how detrimental this is to their development?

That’s why orthodontics is about more than “just” straightening teeth and maintaining oral health.

It’s about giving your child a smile that’ll pay dividends throughout their life.

Benefits of orthodontics include:

  • Improved speech: Eliminate lisps and other speech impediments.
  • Jaw development: Braces help with facial development, preventing problems down the road like TMJ disorder.
  • Positive first impressions: A smile is often the first thing people notice.
  • Intelligence: People with attractive smiles are perceived as smart and trustworthy.
  • Happiness: Smiling produces endorphins (the feel-good hormone).
  • Professional success: Even Forbes… This text opens a new tab to the Forbes article… agrees smiling helps improve your career!
  • Less dental work: Orthodontics works faster at a younger age. Plus, straight teeth are easier to clean and help prevent diseases.
  • Relationships: People gravitate to those who smile and are seen as more approachable and easy to get along with.
  • Live longer: Smiling is associated with a longer lifespan.
  • Confidence: When you look good, you feel good.

Does your child need orthodontics?

The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists… This text opens a new tab to the AAO website…) recommends all children get an evaluation with an orthodontic specialist no later than age seven.

You don’t need a dentist’s referral to seek orthodontic care.

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