How to Handle a Broken or Lost Tooth

It can be scary when your child gets hurt or has an accident. As a parent, you’re equipped to handle a bruise or a scrape, but what about a broken tooth? Do you know what to do when your child loses a permanent tooth? We have the answers below! 

If Your Child Fractures a Tooth

Fracturing a tooth is almost like a childhood rite of passage. Kids play rough, and sometimes, their teeth bear the brunt of their actions. If your child fractures a tooth, then gather the fragments and store them in a clean container of cool water, saliva, or milk. It is important that you visit the dentist immediately to prevent infection and other complications that are brought on by chipped teeth. Your dentist will be able to repair your child’s tooth, or fix it with a crown. In the meantime, have your child rinse their mouth with warm water if they are experiencing any pain. 

If their pain persists, we suggest giving them an icepack. A good way to ease your child’s pain and fight swelling is by using an ice pack every 2 – 3 hours, or as needed. Have your child wrap an ice pack in a thin towel or cloth and place it on the cheek outside of the affected area.  

If your child’s tooth is bleeding as a result of their accident, then use clean gauze to stop the bleeding.  

If Your Child Loses a Permanent Tooth

If your child loses a permanent tooth, then it is imperative that you visit your dentist immediately. Try your hardest to locate and save the tooth. Then, store it in a clean container of cool water, milk or saliva. Or, you can use a tooth preservation system like the ADA Approved Save-A-Tooth. If the dislodged tooth is stored properly, then your dentist may be able to reinstall it.  

Visit Our Office

If your child has lost their teeth from serious accidents like a head injury or broken jaw, then visit the hospital before you see the dentist. It’s absolutely imperative that you care for the more serious injury first.  

However, if their oral emergency is not immediately threatening their overall well-being, then call our office. We are equipped to deal with a litany of oral emergencies and will be able to help get your child’s smile back in working order. We can repair chipped teeth, and reinstall lost permanent teeth, if the circumstances allow it.