Three Super Foods For Super Teeth!


We’ve all heard the old saying that you are what you eat.  And there’s certainly a connection between your child’s diet and the health of her teeth.  Eating foods that contain the right vitamins and minerals can be as essential as brushing and flossing.  Here are three super foods for super healthy teeth:


Cheese for healthy teeth


Cheese is a dental powerhouse.  It’s low in cavity causing sugar and enamel eating acid.  Cheese is also high in tooth strengthening calcium.   But the real benefit to cheese is that it also contains a protein found in milk called casein, which is incredibly effective in protecting the surface of your child’s teeth.


Celery for healthy teeth


Raw, fresh vegetables are always an excellent choice for teeth.  They encourage a lot of chewing, which causes a good amount of saliva production, washing off bacteria and proving one of your bodies primary defenses against cavities.  So why is celery specifically so beneficial?  It’s because the natural structure of celery breaks down into fibrous strands that are clean teeth while you eat.


Oranges for healthy teeth


We all know that citrus fruits like Oranges are high in vitamin C.  While their acidity means that they should be eaten in conjunction with good brushing habits, the high level of vitamin C means your kids can have an enjoyable snack that provides an essential nutrient for healthy gums.  Healthy gums keep teeth in place and help preserve a super smile.

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