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Take a sneak peek into our office and get to know our staff.

Why do 9 out of 10 moms recommend us? Watch now to find out!

We're proud to offer dentistry for your entire family.

Can you take a guess who’ll fall into what category?

We’re welcoming (back) Dr. Jayme, our awesome pediatric dentist.

We’re so excited to celebrate our 30 years of smiles at Dentistry Just For Kids + TK Orthodontics.

Ever wondered what dental hygienists think about during your appointment?

30 years and many more to come from DJFK + TK Orthodontics!

Wondering what it’s like here? Take a look!

We updated our name to reflect our mission better!

Get to know our orthodontist!

Learn why Dr. Jayme decided to become a pediatric dentist.

Dr. Steve discusses why our office is the best choice for your child.


Hear from real families and patients.

Why do parents and their little ones choose us? See why in this quick video.

The Gilman Family talks about why our office is their favorite.

The Abu’Seir Family talks about their experience with Dr. Steve and Dr. Kula.

Nick loves TK Orthodontics - see why!

Meet the Weir Family and their experience with TK Orthodontics.

See why the McCloys loved their experience.

The Collins Family was looking for specific dentists that specialize in kids’ teeth and found us!

Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry dedicated to your little one.

Dr. Steve explains the types of sedation dentistry for your little one.

Learn why we’re best equipped to treat your child.

Your favorite pediatric dentists bust top dental myths.

Celebrate Children's Dental Health month with us!

Dentistry made just for your kids.

Get your child’s teeth checked out before they start school.


It’s never too late to straighten your smile.

Get a glimpse of how happy your child or teen can be once they finish their orthodontic treatment.

Get to know Tadz, a.k.a. Dr. Kula, the orthodontist that brings your best smile forward.

Braces off, party hats on. Relive the excitement of finally seeing your teeth behind the metal wires and brackets.

Is there anything better than finally getting your braces off?

TK Orthodontics has been transforming smiles for years. Check out real results!

Why is an orthodontist the best choice to achieve your new smile? Learn now in our quick video.

Kid Friendly Names for Dental Equipment!

Is TK Orthodontics just for kids? No! Learn more by watching our video.

Learn how to fix common issues with braces and Invisalign.

Check out the winners from past competitions.
Where else can you win $100 at work?

Want to be the next winner? Ask us how!

See Jarred’s reaction after we surprised him with FREE braces!

Who can put on gloves after sanitizing the fastest?

What is the best color for braces?

Just for Fun
Humor keeps us on our toes. Or should we say teeth?
Our little ones answer deep questions about life, themselves, and everything in between.

Wondering what our REAL reaction is once the last patient checks in on a Friday?

We Raised $8,000 For Children in Need!

Did we mention we love golfing? Check out Dr. Steve’s trick shot.

Loop this video approximately 7.5 times while your child is brushing their teeth.

Learn how to brush your teeth, even with tiny hands.

You don’t ever have to floss anymore - see why. (We’re kidding, by the way.)

Teenage boys have exposed our office to mullets. Check out our PSA.

Are you guilty of doing this?

See what Dr. Kula is cooking up today.

Dr. Jayme shows you how to make homemade play-doh.

Teeth and karaoke: our two favorite things.

We Made Dentists Compete in Survivor!

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