5 Fast Foods that are Harming Your Teeth

It can be difficult to make all of your own meals at home, which often makes fast food necessary. But, if you decide to treat your family to fast food, watch out for these things that can destroy teeth.


Shakes are loaded with sugar, and often contain more sugar than one person should eat in any given day. They also contain more calories than a lot of square nutritional meals. If you need something sweet while on the go, try fresh fruit, which contains natural sugar and provides more overall nutritional value.

Meals on Buns 

Most fast food meals are served between two buns made up of white bread. Unfortunately, white bread is a sticky starch that can stay on teeth long after it is consumed. The starch can turn into sugar and feed bad bacteria on teeth, and lead to tooth decay and cavities. When getting a quick meal, try finding one that doesn’t include a bun. 


Lemons are packed with citric acid, which erodes tooth enamel in a process called demineralization. In bad cases of demineralization, acid will work its way to the soft layer beneath the enamel called the dentin.

Lemonade is packed with citric acid and sugar, two things that are terrible for teeth. If you must have your lemonade, rinse with water for 30 seconds afterwards to clean away some of the lingering acid.


Fries taste amazing but are incredibly starchy and packed with sodium – a bad combination for teeth. Starchy snacks can stick to teeth after mealtime has ended, and fuel bad bacteria and plaque buildup – this is especially true of snacks rich in sodium. Instead of fries, try a fresh fruit side, or a side salad when choosing a fast food option.

Iced Coffee 

Fast food extends to fast drinks, and fast coffee drinks are incredibly popular for adults – and kids – who want a quick, sweet snack. Sugar feeds the harmful bacteria on teeth, and creates acid that erodes enamel. For healthy teeth, sugar is the enemy. Frappuccinos, iced coffees, iced coffee shakes all typically contain more sugar in one medium serving than any one person should have in an entire day. All of that sugar wreaks acidic havoc on teeth, so it’s best to avoid sweet iced coffees for the sake of your teeth.

Try a Mouth-Healthy Diet 

If your family is travelling a lot this summer, try packing snacks at home that are healthier for teeth. Fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber are great for teeth, as are cheese and yogurt and mixed nuts. All of these mouth-healthy foods can help teeth stay healthy this summer.

If you’re concerned that your child’s diet is negatively impacting their teeth, then visit our office. We’ll check the state of their teeth, and provide you with dietary knowledge you need to help strengthen their teeth with their food.