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When it comes to teeth, we think the straighter the better!

Aligning Our Skills With Your Smile

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Dr. Theodore J. Kula is your fun and expert orthodontist in the Wabash Valley…Learn more about our orthodontist…. He’s a dedicated and experienced specialist ready to help you or your child achieve a beautifully aligned smile!

Dr. Kula is the mastermind behind TK Orthodontics, and he has raised the bar for orthodontics in Terre Haute, IN, and the surrounding areas.

Whatever your family’s needs, Dr. Kula and TK Orthodontics will find a unique solution specific to each individual.

From early prevention appointments (for kids) to braces, and Invisalign® (for teens and adults), everyone who comes into our office will enjoy high-quality orthodontic treatments in a caring and positive atmosphere.

Trust Dr. Kula when he says, “it’s never too late to achieve the smile of your dreams.” No matter your age, he will take excellent care of your smile through his world-class orthodontic services.

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TK Orthodontics Is Not Just for Kids

You're never too old for a beautifully aligned smile!
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Logo happy face Get your child’s healthcare journey off to an amazing start! With early treatment orthodontics, we can be proactive and prevent future alignment issues while safeguarding your child’s oral health.
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Logo happy face Remember the teenage years, filled with excitement, drama, and a whole lot of insecurities? Help your teen embrace these fun and magical years with more confidence and an even more beautiful and healthy smile.
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Logo happy face Did you know that every day more and more adults are joining our orthodontic family? Choose one of our discreet treatment options and get the smile of your dreams.
What We Offer
We've come a long way from metal braces.
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Early Treatment

The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) recommends all children get an evaluation with an orthodontic specialist no later than age seven.

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Re-discover the most popular form of orthodontic treatment in the world. Experience a more comfortable, discreet, and customized approach to braces with Dr. Kula.

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Explore our clear alignment therapy solution. Both teens and adults are free to align their smiles discreetly and comfortably without any metal in sight!

Heather M. (Patient's Mom)

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Everyone is so friendly. The staff knows what to say to the children if they are anxious. I wouldn’t take my child anywhere else. My daughter recently had to get braces on, and they are now off. The orthodontics team is fantastic. We treat you with the biggest smile and best upbeat attitude.

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